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Serious preparation and tough competition are twin realities behind the glamour of contests of physical appearance.  Audiences may see well-proportioned bodies, stunning looks, and stunning smiles, but experienced and successful competitors know that it is really a matter of hard work and know how.  Everyone needs help when they start contesting, and most winners owe their successes to timely beauty pageant tips. 

Humility and a willingness to learn and improve are the hallmarks of top achievers in the world of beauty contests.  You must be willing to adapt to the needs of every situation, and sitting on a high horse of pride never helps, no matter how good looking and smart you may be.  Treating organizers, fellow contestants, and judges with consideration and respect, will take you much further than trying to throw your weight around or foul-mouthing others.  It is tempting to indulge in gossip, but do not forget that nothing exchanged in confidence in a contest environment remains a secret for long!  Anything you say or do could be held against you, and you are watched virtually all the time.  So even if you forget all the other beauty pageant tips that come your way, do remember to keep a haughty ego behind when you leave for a contest!


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Every contest is unique with its own nuances.  The ramps on which you must walk, the locales in which you will be photographed, and the natures of people who will judge you, will not be the same as in an earlier contest, or in line with your imagination of how events may unfold.  Painstaking investigation and detailed preparations are amongst the best beauty pageant tips any hopeful contestant can receive.  You have to be able to liaise with people who know the ropes, and who have participated in or observed such contests before.  Your makeup, wardrobe, hair styles, and mental preparations for interviews will all depend in large measures on the specific conditions of each contest. You do not want to be taken by surprise!

Planning ahead and packing with great thought for possible emergencies may sound more like guidance for going to boot camp than a pageant tip, but then you are going into a battle situation in a sense!  Nothing can ruin your chances more than arriving at a venue late and with insufficient time to get settled and ready.  You are also very likely to find mirrors, needles, curlers, and other essential aids missing just when you need them most, if you just throw a few things in to a suitcase as though you are on a weekend jaunt.  You need detailed lists prepared by experts with several contests behind them, and you should ask a coach to help with your contingency planning.

A frequent error of losers is to take family and close acquaintances along to contests. Participation is a professional matter, and your most loved ones may be entirely unsuitable when it comes to beauty pageant advice.  You could even be entirely misled by that special person who would like the world to see you in a more modest light than in your best competition interests.  Leave that special friend at home and rely on a professional and experienced coach instead!

These tips can improve your chances of winning, but they are not guarantees. It is not a crime to lose out to others who perform better at a particular point of time. Judges are humans and their selections may not always be perfect.  How can you handle this best?  Determine at the outset to enjoy the experience no matter what the outcome may be.  You will certainly benefit in terms of developing your personality and learning new skills.  You will probably strike up some great friendships.  So give it your best shot and have a ball!


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