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Beauty Pageant Hair and Hairstyles

Beautiful pageant hair is an important ingredient for success in any contest entered.  It's certainly a matter that requires careful thought and advance planning, because you are hardly likely to be able to present yourself in the best light at the last moment.


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Pageant Hair
It can be entirely mortifying to discover that your hair has let you down, denying you a crown though you have the best mind and body amongst all the other people taking part. It pays to be first off the blocks as soon as a contest is announced because it can take awfully long to get pageant hair just right. There are limits to how much you can change hair length and texture at short notice, and appearances that do not suit you could cost you that dream win.

Hair is an integral part of skin in medical terms. Several weeks elapse between the appearance of a new hair follicle for the first time and the growth of a lustrous shaft of glorious hair. Top drawer beauty pageant hair is an expression of excellent health and balanced nutrition, because the stuff covering your head is amongst the first to be shed and to go if you are ill or not eating right. Excessive stress and sleep disorders are other health conditions that can ruin pageant hair. Your physician and a diet expert should be one of the first people you consult when preparing to take part in a beauty contest. Experienced coaches are also equipped to help in this respect.

Though cosmetics and colors can produce remarkable results the best pageant hairstyles are ones which allow you to move around comfortably, and which show you in most natural and becoming light. You are fortunate if you have curly hair because apart from showing off the natural curls, you also have the flexibility to adjust the size of the twirls with rollers of various sizes, or even blow dry it for a straight appearance. However, you should not be put off just because you have straight hair because you can cut, shape, and color it to suit your face and height.

It makes sense to blend your pageant hairstyle decisions with an overall strategy for the various sessions during a contest period. What kind of personality would you like to project? How do you plan to stand apart from other contestants? You need a basic cut that allows you to present stunning and head-turning ensembles at each major stage of competition. A professional coach will base the specifics of pageant hair style on the nature of each contest, and with each of the important sessions in mind.

New trends in fashion must weigh heavily in favor of your final choices in terms of hairstyle. New colors, cuts, and styles, which have begun to make waves in influential circles, matter more than what you may like or what well-meaning but uniformed friends and family may think. However, you must be comfortable and able to move around without hindrance with your pageant hair, so it is best to try on a number of different combinations, and then discuss your feelings with your coach.

Pageant hair gives you almost unlimited creativity to make a winning impression. It is worth planning ahead, and practicing the various appearances you have in mind with your aides. Do not get carried away though for you do not want an overly dazzling hair-do to distract attention from the rest of your body and your mind. Do make it a point to show the styles you have in mind to an experienced guide, and adapt quickly to expert feedback in your best interests.



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